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Legislature Raises Penalties on Vehicular Homicide DUI - HB 2216

Monday, March 05, 2012 8:53 AM | Anonymous

In HB 2216, the legislature unanimously increased penalties for felony DUI defendants who kill.  The bill now goes to the governor for signature.  The bill increases penalties from the prior standard range of 31-41 months for a Level 9, to that equivalent to the Level 11 Manslaughter range, 78-101 months.   This means a minimum jail sentence of 6.5 years for DUI defendants who kill. 

Special thanks to Amy Freedheim, King County Prosecutor's Office, for her support and advocacy!   A shout out also to MADD and the many victims of DUI who provided countless hours in support of this important law.  

The bill, as passed, is here.

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