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New Party Drug on web - Ecstacy + Mephedrone = 6 APB (aka Benzofury)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011 3:24 PM | Anonymous

A new party drug is out in force at clubs and parties.  The chemical name of the drug is Benzofura or 6 APB.  The drug is being heavily marketed on the internet with claims "Stock Up Now--before its banned!".   A minute by minute review of its effects can be seen at the link here.  A Scottish newspaper provides an overview of the drug's growing influence in Europe here. 


One of the differences between this drug and others is its relatively long inactive period before any effects are percieved by the user.  In the user account above--it was a full 90 minutes before a single pill kicked in full force.   This may lead unfamiliar users to double-dose and overdose.   

In those instances where the subject is not overcome by the drug, the effect is descibed as a combination of the effects of Ecstacy and Mephedrone.  In the initial phase, the subject feels much like they are drunk, this progresses to a strong feeling of euphoria (lasting from 1-3 hours) typified by strong sypathetic feeling for other people ("I love you!") and a need to be around other people.  The subjects also got physically very hot, needed lots of water, complained of difficulty seeing (dilated pupils?), time distortion, inability to focus, and black-outs.   Beyond the euphoria period--physical effects lasted a full 12 hours.

Watch out for this one folks--it's bound to show up in your SFSTs soon! 

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